Do you want to dramatically increase your customer numbers?


We can generate
a minimum of 350 new customers
per month.


That’s an extra £126,000 per year based on an average spend of just £30
per customer.


If you follow our strategies, we will generate you a minimum of 350 new customers per month. With an average spend of £30 per treatment, that makes for an additional £10,500 per month, or £126,000/year.


We generated an average of 1,250 bookings per month for Q61 Beauty.

How does it work?

We audit your entire brand and establish the best demographic before curating a targeted lead generation campaign.


These strategies are capable of bringing a minimum of 350 new leads per month.

Once we have assessed your brand, website and existing marketing campaigns, we begin building your ideal persona and understand which channel will bring you the most success. From there we manage the entire marketing process from concept, design and artwork through to testing, analysis and reporting.

These strategies are capable of bringing a minimum of 350 new leads per month. From there we can establish an email marketing sequence to ensure these new leads are retained as returning customers.


What’s the cost?

With £1,000 in ad spend, our average client that implements our process sees an increase of 350 new clients a month worth £126,000 in new revenue in their first year, not including repeat business.

All it costs you is £2,750 per month
- £1,000 per month in ad spend
- £1,750 per month in management fees



Flexible ways to pay


We offer 2 payment options to make sure you’re getting the most from our services in a way that suits you.


£2,750 / month

We will charge you a flat fee of £2,750 per month, this is to manage your ad campaigns and optimize your funnel.

£1,750 / month will go to the management of your campaign, optimisation of your sales funnel, all concept, design and artwork, curating your campaigns and monthly reporting.

£1,000 / month is designated to your advert spend to ensure the maximum performance is brought through the campaign.

We will waive the setup fee of £2,000, we will set you up on our software, integrate it with your CRM and carry out complete testing.

An initial £1,750 management fee must be paid up front. The setup will be completed within 14 days and you won’t be billed your second monthly management fee for a further 45 days.


£3 / lead*

*Our pay per lead price is always based on 10% of your average customer spend. In this example, it’s £30 average customer value = £3 per lead.

Our unique pay per lead approach means you’re only ever paying for the new customers we provide you with. We pay for all the ad spend that is needed to keep generating the leads as well as all the management and curation.

So if you generate:
100 leads = £300
1,000 leads = £3,000 and so on.