Rare Pear

Website, e-Flyers & Photography

Bespoke shoes & leather goods for her

Rare Pear was born from the idea that beautifully crafted footwear and leather goods can be designed and made to the highest standards whilst creating a range that is truly unique. Their website needed to reflect their approach to materials and techniques – it needed someone capable of understanding and translating this vision online.

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We had a very strong idea of how we wanted Rare Pear to look and feel. Vast worked alongside our ideas and helped to grow the brand identity. Every step of the way, they were there guiding us through the strange and scary world of social media and assisting us with photography, styling, the Shopify platform or whatever else we needed or encountered. We have always felt that Vast would be there to support us.

We love working with Vast and really feel that they have taken Rare Pear under their wing. They seem proud of us and we are extremely proud of what they have helped us create.”

Sarah Bridgewood, Co-founder


With over 60% of web users browsing on a mobile device it has become second nature at Vast Digital to make sure every site we create is optimised and easy to use on the move – maximising sales opportunites and creating an enjoyable experience for the consumer.