Private White V.C.

Website, e-Flyers & Photography

For the brave

The Private White V.C. brand pays tribute to its namesake WWI hero, Private Jack White. The clothing line has a subtle nod towards Jack’s military legacy with many items based on classic wartime pieces, updated for the modern man.


Private White V.C. approached Vast Digital to create the branding, website, and offline identity for the brand. Our experience within the fashion industry, especially dealing with British heritage brands, helped us quickly create an identity for Private White V.C. within their target audience.


Having quickly brought the brand to life by paying homage to its war history, craftsmanship and provenance, we then applied a strong visual, hand-written across all the brand’s online and offline assets, including wholesale and retail strategies.

By controlling and policing the brand from conception, we curated a style that placed the brand straight above its competition, from e-commerce product photography through to video, lifestyle imagery and SEO strategies. From the word go, we provided future-proof solutions that 5 years down the line are still being used today.


With British luxury clothing brand Private White V.C. we used an integrated e-commerce strategy to build sustainable brand awareness.

Through channels such as e-flyers, social media, blogging and SEO we helped reach, engage and convert their online audience. This provided the brand with over 14,000 Facebook followers, 3,000 Twitter followers and a strong database of over 40,000 new email subscribers.

This combined strategy resulted in over 3,000 new website users a week on average.

e-Flyer Subscribers

40k Increase

An Increase of 42,601 e-flyer subscribers over a 12 month period.


114k Increase

An increase of over 114,000 online sessions over a 6 month period.

Page Views

680k Increase

An increase of over 680,000 page views over a 6 month period.