Hood Rubber

Website, Branding & Lifestyle Photography

A 120 year old modern footwear brand

Old brands don’t simply spring back to life. They need to be revived, rebuilt and massaged into the modern world. This stewardship takes care, talent and passion – passion for what is past and for what is possible.

Hood Rubber approached Vast to evolve their branding and create a website that evokes an established presence online while staying true to their rich heritage.

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The result of the branding exercise undertaken by Vast was a reflection of the uncompromising quality and craftsmanship that construct the core of the brand values of Hood Rubber.


The website designed by Vast creates an informative and enjoyable experience for the consumer, combining the rich history of Hood Rubber with contemporary and carefully curated care and style guides.


Inspirational still life and lifestyle photography, along with a considered approach to the design, helped to created a seamless user experience across both desktop and devices.


Understanding the need for the consumer to be able to see the products in real environments that demonstrate the quality of the product was a key factor to the photoshoots undertaken by Vast. Quality assured, authentic footwear appealing to the right demographic through the right imagery.