Gordon Rush

Website, Lifestyle Photography & Marketing Strategies

Makers of modern footwear

Premium American mens footwear brand, Gordon Rush, approached Vast to create an online aesthetic that evokes the luxury nature of their brand.

Our approach was to evolve how users interact with the brand online, ensuring all of the touch points embodied a cohesive message; quality and style whilst always being fully functional, much like the brand itself.

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The website, created by Vast, defined the aspirational nature of this customer through considered design, evocative lifestyle through photography and film, assuring users received a seamless shopping experience from beginning to end.


This considered and detailed approach resulted in an online environment where users are inspired and informed, mirroring all of the values the brand hold dear.


“We have partnered with Vast on numerous projects now, including the design of three of our e-commerce websites. Despite living at opposite ends of the world, they have essentially become an extension of our team. They continue to deliver exceptional work and we sincerely value their ideas and creativity.”

Andrea Dorfman, Head of Marketing

With extra importance placed on our product photography, we emphasised the need to portray the finest of details. Knowing our target market demands quality meant we needed to showcase each products finer points; the grain in the leather or the quality of the stitching, guaranteeing a top quality pair of shoes.