Chapman Bags

Website, Stationery & Photography

Made in England

Chapman Bags is an iconic British brand which required a website to reflect its provenance. It needed to tell the story of the skills they still use today to craft their products, passed down from generation to generation. The goal of the wesite was to make Chapman Bags the go-to brand for quality and craftsmanship.

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A website has seconds to hold your attention, so the layout and asthetic was something we had to get right. Once this was achieved, consideration was then taken to ensure the shopping experience was enjoyable and simple. The care that goes into crafting each bag needed to be reflected in the design and customer journey and we feel we got that balance just right.


We created a website that was future-proof – that was the first aim, to get the foundations right. With this in mind, we developed the site on Magento which gives the client complete flexibility. Once the site architecture was established, the next stage was to the get the imagery right. We needed to sell the lifestyle of the bag wearer, so a series of hero images were created to illustrate this. Again, constant attention being paid to the detail.


Once the site had launched we then worked with the Chapman team to develop the key marketing channels. A strategic search engine marketing campaign was developed, covering social media, email marketing and SEO.