Archie Foal


Archie Foal

We recently worked with luxury retailer Archie Foal to create an online strategy to improve brand awareness and increase sales. We started by getting a full understanding of Archie Foal's target market and customer persona, only by understanding this first could we effectively align a strategic approach. Once this was completed, we could introduce the creativity to attract, engage and convert, maximising the channels which provided the best ROI for the client.


The Strategy

Vast’s industry knowledge, combined with Archie Foal’s range of luxury products, lead to a successful summer campaign that helped the brand reach a new audience, untapped by their previous online approaches.

We combined strong photography with intelligent data to achieve record figures for the site, such as a 922.22% uplift in social traffic and a 100% conversion increase. Taking the sites online conversions from 0 to 33 in the space of 2 weeks. We used a mixture of PPC, site optimisation and social brand awareness to achieve these results, consistently streamlining the campaign as it progressed. By optimising the clients PPC shopping feed, this boosted online sales and improved the websites quality score, which intern improved the sites organic visibility.

Gaining a strong presence through PPC and SEO allows you to dominate all areas of Google and also improve brand awareness and authority. The more popular a brand becomes, the higher your site ranks organically on Google, which improves potential customers trust in the brand and inevitably leads to more sales. Google loves brands, it’s openly honest about this fact, so in order to improve your organic rank, you must invest time in improving your brand awareness through other avenues such as social media and data capture; which is exactly what Archie Foal did right. By expanding their online knowledge through our in-house experts, the brand were able to clear their summer stock in time for their new season drop.


up by 208%


up by 100%

New Visitors

up by 70%

Social Interaction

up by 922%

Organic Traffic

up by 52%