John Partridge


John Partridge, Made in England

Premium country attire brand, John Partridge, approached Vast to create an online strategy to help increase brand awareness and site conversions.

Our approach was to provide the brand with a marketing strategy that set them apart from current market leaders. Using a creative marketing strategy and emotive content, we produced a predominantly social focused approach to build their online presence.


John Partridge is an established British country attire brand with a long standing heritage which dates back to 1969. Over the years, John Partridge found that they had dropped behind the competition due to a lack of brand awareness and online exposure. With a predominantly store led focus, we helped switch the brands mindset to focus more on the online side of their business.  


John Partridge’s social activity increased by 142%.

The Strategy

The brand offer made in England products of the utmost quality. Vast wanted to celebrate this area of the business and push the absolute quality of the brand and its products. By introducing a new price point whilst keeping a premium aesthetic, consumer began to pay attention to John Partridge and recognise them as a legitimate country apparel brand.

2017-2018 Objectives

• Increase brand awareness
• Celebrate the heritage of the brand
• Increase sales 
• Build a new database
• Refresh the overall brand aesthetic

​​​​​We used a desirable price point, paired with a new photographic approach to reinvent the brands online content, whilst keeping it true to the brands original heritage. The online strategy included a brand awareness strategy across a range of media channels from social media (predominantly Facebook) to PPC, SEO and E-marketing.

We used our inhouse design teams experience to produce a new e-flyer template and incorporated a data capture strategy to help the brand retain contact with customers. - 12 months on, e-Flyer website traffic has risen by 2,545%. 







Product Views


Link Clicks






up by 442%
year on year 

Online Visits

129% increase


323% increase

Total Orders

878% increase


Online Sales

As a predominantly seasonal brand we used the summer months to rev up brand awareness so that the brand could get a strong ROI over the winter season. 

From 1st October to 31st Jan, the brand saw a rise of 619% uplift in online sales. Organic sales increased by 238% and social sales skyrocketed by 6,911% year on year. 

Over the past 12 months the brand have seen a 589% uplift in online sales (year on year). Site sessions increased by 138%, repeat customer rate is up by 11%, total orders have increased by 767%. Facebook sales has risen by 8,998%. Overall social sales are up year on year by 11,000%. 

Organic Sales

52% increase

Direct Sales

209% increase

Social Sales

7,128% increase

e-Flyer Sales

2,545% increase