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The Top Apps To Use For Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps on the market. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing apps available, it's the perfect medium for business and influencers to create an impact in the digital age and increase their online presence.

In this weeks blog, we will be talking about the best apps you can use to absolutely crush your Instagram game!

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Fyre Festival | The Power Of Influencer Marketing


The Fyre Festival was (arguably) one of the most hyped festivals in existence. It was trending everywhere, social influencers, celebrities, literally anyone with and without a platform was talking about it.

If you want to find out how a solid orange, 1080x1080 Instagram photo took over the internet in 2017, then this is the article for you.

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How To Conquer Instagram In 2019

How To Conquer Instagram In 2019


Instagram is the fastest growing social network at the moment with over 1 Billion monthly active users. This rate of growth has surpassed other leading platforms; such as Snapchat and Facebook. With no sign of slowing down, Instagram continues to grow at a tremendous pace since being acquired by Facebook in 2012, when it had just 40 million.

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How to plan for a photoshoot

The planning that goes into a photoshoot is arguably the most important part of the shoot. You’ve defined the brief, the desired outcome and the budget, so now it’s time to start planning.

Good planning leads to strong results. In this blog we look at planning for a photoshoot and how to get the most out of the time you have.

Idea or Concept
Inspiration is found all around us. This could be in the form of art, a magazine, you may even be inspired by something you see walking down the street. It is important to collect and make note of anything that inspires you in order to help create your vision. Mood boards are a great way to develop an idea, play around with different imagery and explore other competitors. The more research you do, the better. The idea is to immerse yourself amongst content as this will really help get your creative juices flowing.

Define the Creative Direction
Once you have established your theme, a creative direction document can assist in guiding the shoot. This could be a mood board of example imagery - showing various compositions to help the photographer and model understand the brief. This might include examples of different model poses, various backgrounds and use of props. Another great tip is to print them out on a large board. Place them where both the photographer and model can easily access, perhaps on a wall close to where you are shooting so that they can be referred to for inspiration.

Styling and Props
This is dependant on what exactly it is you are shooting. For example, a footwear brand might require you to style the whole outfit as well as the shoes. If this is the case researching various brands that are aligned to the brand can be useful. Placing images from different retailers within a document and styling them helps you create a vision of how they might look. It can also help to utilise outfits as you may be able to duplicate, or mix and match various outfits across different styles, allowing you to maximise your budget.

When it comes to buying, invest in the key pieces that you need for the shoot such as jackets or more detailed items. These will be your stand out pieces so they need to be quality. Buying the basic styles at a reduced cost can help when sticking to a budget. Keep a spreadsheet of all styles so that you can visually see how they fit together.

Makeup and Hair
Employing a professional hair and makeup stylist can really help in getting the quality of images you require. Never overlook how important this can be as it sets the tone for the remainder of the shoot as well as bringing important elements to the colour palette and allowing it to flow.

Shoot Plan
A plan for the day can assist in keeping everyone on the same page and allow it to run as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to factor in breaks and changing times as these can impact your schedule.  

The plan should include:

  • A shot list document to include all relevant columns to your photoshoot. A spreadsheet makes it easier to edit, organise and sort.
  • Products listed by their name and colour variations.
  • Amount of shots needed as well as shot type. For example. “Landscape, portrait, close up, props etc. You may want to arrange this in an order, beginning with the technical product shots. Then move onto more detail shots , bringing in any props or lifestyle required.
  • Styling options, again placing in order so that you are not having to double the amount of work needed.

Planning is a vital part in making sure the photoshoot runs smoothly and efficiently. Here at Vast we have created a process that enables us to get the best out of every photoshoot we undertake. The meticulous planning and detail that goes into each shoot enables us to achieve the standard of work of which we pride ourselves on.

Get in touch to find out more about how our team can help you plan your next photoshoot with us.


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How to write content for email marketing

The evolution of modern marketing began in 1978, when the first email for marketing purposes was sent out, garnering a hefty $13M sales. Nevertheless sending emails to an audience still works successfully today, many people use email marketing to build credibility and generate sales.

This blog will cover different aspects of how to build a successful and effective email marketing campaign.

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Social Media Influencers – Are they worth it?

As influencer marketing continues to grow, we question, is it worth the investment? Studies show in 2018 that influencer marketing is worth an estimated $3.2 billion to $6.3 billion. This is estimated to rapidly grow up to $10 billion in 2020. These findings highlight the huge growth opportunities within influencer marketing for both influencers and investing brands.

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Is Online The Way Forward For Brands?

The highstreet is struggling; now is the time to strengthen your online presence.

The UK’s high streets suffered 5,855 store closures in 2017, more than in any year since 2010, as fashion retailers, shoe shops, travel agents and estate agents have been driven out by the rise of internet shopping.

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The Rise of Challenger Brands

The business world that many once loved has changed completely. This is mainly due to the evolution of technology which has seen a plethora of challenger brands that have connected with their audiences on a much deeper level. That’s not to say that technology is the main culprit for the rise of challenger brands, new innovative thinkers have been stepping forward and altering business strategies for decades to come.

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