29th August 2018 - No Comments!

Heritage Branding: Why we can’t help but love it

What brand springs to mind when we say ‘heritage brand’?

There are many to choose from, it’s normally brands who really make you feel something...nostalgia, warmth. They might not even have the years behind them to qualify for the title of ‘heritage brand’ but through the art of storytelling brands can create any image they see fit.

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7th August 2018 - No Comments!

Is E-commerce Changing the Fashion Industry?

Do you remember a time before e-commerce? Begrudgingly flicking through the 1000 page Argos catalogue, folding down corners of pages with the products we liked, occasionally getting a paper cut. A heavy-weight lifted, literally, thanks to e-commerce and the birth of the .com era. But it hasn’t just gotten rid of the catalogue, it’s also shaped the way in which customers shop.

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19th July 2018 - No Comments!

SEO: The Basics

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is like gold dust to the e-commerce industry. SEO is the process of optimising your website with the goal of having it rank no.1 on Google. Whilst there are other ways to gain visibility within Google search (for instance PPC also known as Google Adwords), the conversion and ROI value of SEO is unrivalled.

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2nd July 2018 - No Comments!

Making Strong Content

In our recent journal post, we attempted to strip down your strategy to its bare bones and provided you with some reasons as to why it wasn’t working for you. Number #2 on the list is content. It’s an over talked about topic, so we decided to approach it in a different way and just tell you how to do it, we’re nice like that. 

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25th June 2018 - No Comments!

How to define your Brand Purpose and is it important?

Establishing a connection with your audience isn’t easy. There’s so much brand noise that we find it attractive when brands with true purpose become a beacon of light amongst a mass of dud. 

As Tripp Donnelly  states - “Traditional brands can no longer sit on their hands and allow well-scripted corporate statements to shape who they are”.

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18th June 2018 - No Comments!

Why your marketing isn’t working for you.

Have you assessed your business lately?

Can you confidently say that your brand presence is strong both online and offline?

Can you safely say you have a brand strategy that is consistent?

That you have a strong marketing plan that is coherent with your strategic vision and main objectives?

That you have a purpose which is effortlessly articulated throughout your social media platforms?

Have you seen a harmonious link between content and ROI?  (How are your ROIs?)

Has creating brand awareness been a breeze, and you’ve reached god like status within marketing your business?

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15th June 2018 - No Comments!

Facebook Ads are down, so what?

Facebook targeted ADS went down the other day, with all the confusion around it, of course we stressed and panicked a little, after spending copious amounts of time researching and perfecting target audiences for it all to suddenly disappear. Why could we no longer target relevant audiences? It turns out that Facebook had a little issue, classic. Naturally, within minutes we began preparing for a new reality of a life without facebook ads. How could we reach new audiences without the aid of it?

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11th June 2018 - No Comments!

The Decline of High Street Giants

We told you so. Retail giant House of Fraser is set to close 31 of its stores out of 59. It’s slowly following suite of Woolworths, BHS and most recently the demise of 90s kids favourite Toys R Us. Whilst customers still enjoy the store experience of trying on clothes and experiencing the product first-hand, the question is, why have HoF had to cut back so much when they once had such a large customer base?

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