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Make Engagement Easy

If you are concentrating on blogs then make sure your content has breathing space to avoid speed reading. Use a medium-sized font on a contrasting background, you don’t want the eye straining to read this thing. Don’t have large blocks of text either, break it up with images as this will give your piece a different pace and provide breathing spaces for the reader.

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30th November 2017 - No Comments!

Are you making the most of Instagram?

We all know just how quickly social media evolves, and with over 700 million active users, it’s no surprise Instagram is the fastest-growing social network of all time. One minute you think you’ve cracked it, and the next there’s a dozen new features to get your head around, but one thing’s for sure though, it’s a key weapon in any marketing arsenal!

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Content: It Really Is That Important

Part 1: Stop Talking About Your Brand, or Product.

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Well, it’s probably the most important factor to bear in mind with regards to your content generation. Good content engages and attracts customers, as they find it interesting, useful, or entertaining. Poor content, or content with little thought behind it, puts customers off.

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Mastering Social Media

Social media provides you with the fastest route to market there is. Twitter will get your content out there quicker than any other channel, and use it as a snapshot into your life, you’ll be surprised just how many people are actually interested.