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Our Top 10 Email Subject Lines

It’s estimated that emails being sent and received each day will reach a staggering 306.4 billion by 2020 (Radicati Group), so you’d be forgiven if you’re getting fed up of seeing so many stale and repetitive subject lines. But not to fear, we’ve been digging around our inboxes to give you ten of the best ones to help you revive your email marketing strategy  

Here are some subject lines that managed to find a way to stand out of the crowd: 


1. Still thinking it over?

Sender: Converse 

There is nothing like the impact a well placed, targeted email with a thought provoking message to boot. This email was sent by Converse to someone in our team who had abandoned their basket (naughty!). Converse shoes are a bit pricey so it makes sense that their customers may indeed be ‘thinking it over’, they’ve used their own data well in this case. This email acted as a soft reminder without simply saying so, and makes Converse’s brand seem more relatable 


2. When life gives you lemons… 🍋


Apparently most humans find it difficult to leave a proverb unfinished, so let’s test this theory. We’ll give you the start of proverb and you see if you can’t help completing it: An apple a day…

You may have found yourself finishing the sentence in your head because English proverbs are so well known they’re ingrained in our memory, and we can’t help but to finish them. This is what makes this subject from Etsy so clever because it’s made a connection with you before you’ve even opened the email. 


3. This is our looooooooooooooooooongest summer trial yet? 

Sender: Hootsuite 

This subject line made it here simply because it takes into account the environment that the email is in when it lands in a mobile inbox. We had to open up the email to see what the rest of the subject line said, it’s definitely a good tactic to boost open rates with a little bit of humour. 


4. Trevor, it’s time for the next step

Sender: Royal Bank of Scotland 

Royal Bank of Scotland have gone for a subject line that has an ominous tone, adding the personalisation with the recipient’s name also increases its impact and makes them more likely to open it.  If you’re not up to date with emails from your bank (like most people) your first reaction may be intrigue. Recipients would ask questions like: ‘What is this next step and why do I have to take it?’, and they will need to open the email to get answers. Tone and personalisation definitely plays a key role in creating a strong subject line. 


5. Trevor, we’ve just added a film you might like 

Sender: Netflix 

This Netflix email is simple but the way it’s put together makes it feel like Netflix is giving you a gift, so you almost have to open it. It also triggers the reader's curiosity by saying they might like what is inside. 


6. How Codeacademy taught me to build my own mobile app.

Sender: Codecademy 

When among the flood of emojis and exclamation points that are popular to use in subject lines these days, something simple and direct like this can still have an impact. This is especially true when you’re content is focused on something educational. Ironically this subject really makes you want to educate yourself on how this guy was able to do something impressive like build his own mobile app.


7. This FLOOR LAMP is calling your name! 

Sender: Wayfair

This subject line from Wayfair caught our eye because of it’s energy and the mystery behind what is inside. Floor lamp is capitalised so that people who have been looking at floor lamps will notice it in their inbox. This is another example like Converse of a company using their data to do segmented targeting for their emails with custom subject lines. 


8. How was it?

Sender: Moonpig 

Moonpig’s take on the classic ‘tell us how we did’ email is tongue in cheek and short. It almost catches your off guard with it’s tone. It’s a more creative take on the standard email after an order and that’s enough for it to stand out from the others.  


9. only 2 days left 😱 save up to 75% site wide

Sender: Lime Crime Makeup 

This email subject line was all lowercase and the placement of the emoji reminds us of a hurried text from a friend. The effect of the screaming emoji is not lost on us as it creates a feeling of urgency that is often overused in email, but the emoji makes it seem fresh. 


10. FIRST LOOK: You’ve got VIP access: up to 50% off 

Sender: Maison du Monde 

It’s the first part of this subject line that is the main trigger we think it is important when it comes to deciding on a subject line. What is in your subject line that is going to make your customer open the email? Simple but effective, this subject line from Maison du Monde makes sure you know that you’re getting exclusive content when you open.

That’s our top ten! If you have a favourite subject line we’d love to hear from you on our social media, and if you regularly find yourself stumped when it comes to e-mail marketing don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Ready To Step Into The Matrix?

Evidently, every day that passes, we become more consumed by our phone, social media, the internet. And as we get closer into the future, movie fantasies are becoming more of a reality. Here are a few examples to name a few: 

Star Trek Replicator = 3D Printers

Star Trek Virtual Display Device = Google Glass

Minority Report Targeted Marketing = Face Scanning Marketing Tech

Back To The Future Power Laces = Nike Air Mags (Yes, they actually made these)

The list is endless… for marketers, it’s only getting better. 

In recent years, we have seen a massive rise in the use of AR. Medical Training, Design & Modelling, Marketing, Pokemon Go, Snapchat Filters, Instagram Filters. AR is undeniably a powerful tool and now we can see it being used for marketing purposes. 

So what would the benefits of using AR in marketing be? 

It’s immersive. The whole point of AR is to make it as lifelike as possible. When Snapchat released their iconic Snapchat Spectacles, along with it, they launched the ability to see yourself wearing the glasses before you bought them via an AR Snapchat filter. 

We personally think this is an amazing idea as it eliminates the “will I suit it/them?”
the question that we all ask ourselves when buying something online, thus pushing consumers to buy.

It's innovative, new and interesting. AR is a mindblowing piece of modern day technology, and for that reason, people are more than likely to stop and pay attention to it in contrast to a regular, overdone formatted ad. 

It’s infinite. AR is no doubt the future. Fact. To continue, we strongly advise jumping on the opportunity as early as possible. AR has unlimited possibilities, the main objective of the game is to create a well thought out, developed a marketing campaign that uses AR. 

In the past, there have been some amazing marketing campaigns using AR, and to be honest, we’d like to see more. 

Back in 2011, Lynx - the deodorant brand - ran a campaign called “Angels Will Fall”. Before, there was a video advertisement where when a man drowned himself in Lynx, even angels started to fall out of the sky for him. 

After this, they decided to run an AR advertisement in Victoria Station (London) and New Street (Birmingham). The advertisement showed virtual angels falling out of the sky and next to people; just like the advert. 

To continue, another worthy mention is Pepsi’s 2014 Bus Shelter AR advertisement. The advert played out like this: Firstly, a screen was set up on the inside of a bus shelter. Next, a camera was placed on the outside so it could capture a live feed of the street. Following this, pre-animated graphics would play over the live feed of the street making it seem that outside of the bus shelter, something unbelievable was happening. 

The year after, the TV series, The Walking Dead did the exact same thing as Pepsi. The only difference was that it primarily just used zombies - or Walkers to be correct. This marketing campaign was to promote their season 5 release of the TV show. 

Whilst AR for marketing is great, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of an advertisement. For example, IKEA developed a VR (Virtual Reality) system that allows customers to envision their products in the customer’s house - this is very similar to how Snapchat created their own filter for their glasses, as mentioned earlier. 

We can guarantee that AR/VR is the future of marketing, amongst many other developing technologies. The potential is vast and we highly suggest developing an AR marketing campaign. Make it fun, make it interesting, make it immersive. 

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The Psychology of Marketing: Speech


Following on from the previous part of The Psychology of Marketing, another marketing technique that is simple to utilise and something everyone has access to is their voice/speech. Speech is an immensely powerful tool when used correctly. Speech allows you to connect with people on a deeper level. Tonality, words, speed are all factors that effect persuasion. 

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A guide to Linkedin-groups

The need to connect with like-minded people is a basic human desire. This is the reason that communities on social media are so popular. Although Facebook is the most popular social media platform, Linkedin has been supporting its users for a longer time period. Linkedin has the ability to develop business connections and is a great place for networking. With a shift in social media usage over recent years, Linkedin groups are one of the next best ways to engage with your audience.

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Develop A Smarter Workflow

Feeling under pressure and struggling to manage your time?

Every professional encounters times in their job where they feel overwhelmed, there may not be enough time to get all tasks completed. In this blog we take a look at workflows and how they help streamline tasks, minimising room for errors and increasing overall efficiency. A good strategy can help you improve the running, overall revenue, and day-to-day operations of your business.

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How much is a lead worth to you?

Whether you’re a new startup or have been selling for years, the current market place in almost every industry has become overcrowded and it’s easy to get lost amongst the digital noise. Getting your product offering in front of the right customer is becoming increasingly harder, so we ask the question ‘How much is a lead worth to you?’

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