14th June 2017 - No Comments!

LFW Men’s with The Industry X Société

Having over 25 years of experience of working with clients in the fashion industry, Vast have seen the retail industry go through various changes. Being creative, agile and innovative with the digital strategies presented to our clients, this approach has kept Vast relevant and at the forefront of exploiting technology to make the shopping process easier and more effective.

So, to attend a panel discussion on the impact of technology on the menswear market at London Fashion Week Men’s, was an opportunity we simply couldn’t turn down.

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7th June 2017 - No Comments!

Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Pages are the holy grail of modern day marketing campaigns. Whether you're running a PPC campaign, social campaign, competition or building up your mailing list, a landing page can maximise conversion goals across your entire marketing strategy.

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25th May 2017 - No Comments!

Convert website bounces to sales

In order to improve your website's bounce rate you need to understand why your potential customers are bouncing in the first place. Installing website tracking software such as Google Analytics will enable you to track the inpage bounces and potentially source the root of your problems.

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1st September 2016 - No Comments!

Is your website making the right first impression?


It’s long been said that your website is your digital shop front, so why are you letting it turn people away? Poor design, lack of UX and cluttered product descriptions are all huge turnoffs for the end user. Take a step back from the minutiae of your site, and try and view it with fresh eyes – would it make you want to buy from it?

Studies have shown that the look and feel of a website is the main driver of first impressions. 94% was about design (complex, busy layout, lack of navigation aids, boring web design – especially use of color, pop up adverts, slow introductions to site, small print, too much text, corporate look and feel, poor search facilities). Only 6% of the feedback was about the actual content. Visual appeal and website navigation, had by far the biggest influence on people’s first impressions of the site.

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16th August 2016 - No Comments!

Does your website differentiate you from your competition?


Poor site design has the power to immediately send a user running from your site and into the arms of a competitor. A site needs to clearly answer its user’s questions in as efficient a manner as possible. Poor page layouts and confusing content categories work against this and make your site unappealing to new visitors.

There are only a few basic principles that drive all successful brands. You must be able to consistently deliver something relevant to consumers. And hopefully, your strategy isn’t something your competitors can easily copy, in other words it is difficult to duplicate.

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9th August 2016 - No Comments!

Is your website mobile friendly?


After many false dawns, 2016 is truly the year of mobile. Mobile spend is now outstripping desktop in the PPC world, and last year, mobile commerce sales reached $4.7 billion in the second quarter. If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, you're making it incredibly difficult for users to purchase from you with ease while on the go, with mobile-friendly competitors ready to swoop in. With the growth in the mobile device sector seemingly unstoppable, its even more important that your website can take advantage of this trend. Statistics abound about how much internet traffic comes from mobile devices, some claim a whopping 60%! So if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, that’s a lot of users that cannot view your site, and a lot of potential clients or customers that you can say goodbye to!

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