20th April 2018 - No Comments!

Is your business Instagrammable?

It’s inevitable that your business has some presence on Instagram, if it doesn't then your marketing team are failing you. Instagram has been at the forefront of social media for years now and having an Instagram strategy should be at the top of your wider marketing initiative.

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9th March 2018 - No Comments!

Here Comes Generation Z

In our last blog we touched on Millenials, the tech savvy generation taking social media by force, so what the heck is Generation Z? Generation Z are the post Millennials, born after 1995. A generation who have grown up on Snapchat, Instagram and ever changing technologies. Generation Z are the next wave of ultra savvy technophile’s, the next set of graduates hungry to take on the digital world and claim there piece of the social pie.

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22nd January 2018 - No Comments!

Using a Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Marketer

So many e-commerce businesses start out small, and budget limitations leave them to do everything in-house from operations and accounts, to design and web development.

Though in a successful case, there becomes a time where the biggest limitation is time, and the responsibilities need to be spread out. So, you face a decision: do you employ someone, or outsource?

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15th January 2018 - No Comments!

The Best Social Media Advancements Of 2017


1. The Influencer Movement

What the heck is an influencer anyway? Well, @allthatisshe, @wishwishwish, @theslowtraveller - to name a few - are examples of Instagram users who are deemed “influential” within their large demographic. Over the past year, putting out good content and having over a certain amount of followers on Instagram has brought about a power like no other, and brands have recognised this.

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5th January 2018 - No Comments!

Your FREE Digital Guide to 2018

Digital is constantly evolving at lightning speed, so in order to keep up with the times, our communication must evolve with it. As a brand, building engagement with customers is crucial.

What’s your customer experience strategy? Don’t have one? Well start by putting on your customer’s shoes, and take a long walk in them.

Here, we share our top 5 tips to help make 2018 a dazzling digital marketing success.

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