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The Psychology of Marketing: Speech


Following on from the previous part of The Psychology of Marketing, another marketing technique that is simple to utilise and something everyone has access to is their voice/speech. Speech is an immensely powerful tool when used correctly. Speech allows you to connect with people on a deeper level. Tonality, words, speed are all factors that effect persuasion. 

Jordan Belfort (most commonly known as “The Wolf of Wall Street”) emphasises how important speech is within his straight line sales techniques. 

For the readers who are unfamiliar with Jordan Belfort, here is a short paragraph of information about him. 

Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker, in 1989 he founded the stock company Stratten Oakmont, which ceased operations in 1996. After Stratten Oakmont, Belfort became an author and a motivational speaker, who offers tried and tested sales techniques (which he calls straight line persuasion). 

So what are these techniques? 

Tone: Tone is a colossal factor of speaking and it is crucial to know when and how to use it. Belfort recommends lowering your voice when you are giving insight into something exclusive, this could be an offer, knowledge, products etc. The reasoning behind this is that lowering your tone creates an atmosphere of secrecy, which helps you develop a bond with the customer due to it making them feel special. 

In contrast, if you’re trying to get your customer excited about a product/service, you need to up the atmosphere by changing your tone. Slightly fast - ensure it’s not too fast as the customer will become lost - with a mix of a higher volume - not too high because you don’t want to startle them.

To continue, it is important to note that you must use the correct tonality to match your customer's tonality. If your customer is quite refined and quieter, you should not take a louder approach as this could seem invasive. Tonality is a gradual process, it should flow not drop, by jumping straight into a certain tone can seem very pushy and controlling which isn’t what we recommend. 

Words: Another key factor of speech is your words. Words can determine if you are a knowledgable representative for the topic in play, or not. 

Belfort signifies how essential words are when you’re trying to market. For example, in one of his classes, he highlights the importance of the word “just”. Within the call with a client, Belfort is asking a very personal question about the person’s financial state, “I would never normally ask you something like this, but just for suitability purposes, what is your financial picture?”. Belfort explains that adding “I would never normally ask you something like this, but just for suitability purposes” to his phrase helps break down a barrier between you and the customer, making it seem less intrusive.

Replicating this when marketing is a great technique because it is universal, it can be used anywhere at any time. Unlocking the knowledge behind words and when to use them can give you an incredible advantage when trying to market to a customer. Mentioning buzz words to create electrical impulses down the synapses of the customers all help with the process.

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