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The Psychology of Marketing: Colour

Amongst the abyss of marketing techniques, one that is heavily overlooked when marketing is colour. Colours have emotional and psychological connections to the human mind, and to implement this into your image would be an intelligent move. 

So how do you decide what colour represents your image? Well, lucky for you, we have compiled all the colours and their meanings to ease the process below. 

Blue: Trust, strength and dependence. 

Feelings: Calmness, wisdom and security. 

To expand, Barclays Bank has adopted the colour blue for their brand image. This is a wise decision as it subconsciously embeds the sense of calmness, wisdom and security. Furthermore, this represents their business well as they are dealing with money, an asset which is incredibly valuable - as everyone knows. So, by establishing they are trustworthy through the use of colour, they can arguably win over more clients.

Red: Urgency, appetite, boldness and energy. 

Feelings: Power, passion, energy, excitement. 

To continue, red is great when marketing due to it being an extremely versatile, bold colour. Moreover, a great way to use red when marketing is for sales. Red creates the feeling of urgency,  so when accompanied by a sale logo it can be highly effective. Red can also increase appetite and pulse. 

Black: Luxury, power, elegance

Moreover, black can often be seen on high end, designer brands. Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga. Black adds prestige which helps promote the status of the brand and elevates the emotional, social perception of the brand. 

Orange: Bright, energy, encourage, warmth.

Furthermore, orange is another colour which is very versatile. It can be used for earth-based 

products/services, kids targeted products/services due to its bright and fun personality etc. 

White/Silver: Modern, simplistic, pristine. 

White/Silver, if done correctly, can offer a classy, minimalistic brand image. In contrast, if it is executed poorly, it can hold a lack of taste. Some of the businesses that use this colourway are Apple, Telsa, Prada, Cartier, Burberry. 

Green: Nature, health, growth, hope, freshness. 

Naturally, humans are attracted to the colour green due to its connotations and connection with life. It is heavily linked with health too, growth and development. 

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