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#1 Simple Step To Boost Engagement, Profits And Brand Loyalty!

The #1 marketing strategy of 2019

Marketing has taken a new direction over the past few years, as consumers, we are no longer willing to be bombarded with ads that have no relevance to our interests. Britains, in particular, have grown ever more cynical towards online advertising and in order to win back trust, marketers must embrace personalisation.  

Personalisation advances customer relationships and is the most powerful method of engaging customers. From building customer loyalty to converting abandoned carts and improving your social media following, personalisation can be the missing step in your customer journey.

The goal of personalised marketing is to truly engage new and repeat custom by communicating with each consumer as an individual. This builds brand loyalty and puts the customer at the forefront feeling respected and appreciated.   

As humans, it’s in our DNA to seek out new connections with other like-minded individuals, we feel a connection and cling to this. We have all seen the Americanised mean girl movies when 2 people in the same class suddenly bond over combined hatred or admiration of a particular individual.

This is the same formula to follow when personalising your marketing approach. In order to build a sustainable business model, marketers need to discover the loves and hates of their customers and use this to guide their content. By avoiding topics the consumer hates and highlighting the content they love, brands can build engagement, loyalty and eventually a sustainable sales funnel.

“What we say is it’s a journey from mass reach to mass customisation to mass personalisation. It’s about reaching large audiences but doing it in a really smart way.” To achieve this requires “understanding consumers, their traits and behaviours, to identify actionable targeting segments for which we can develop different messages”.

This is where the power of buyer persona and competitor analysis come in, which we have touched upon in a previous blog (click here.) By identifying the individual's distinct preferences or needs, you can reveal what is personally meaningful to each targeted audience. Understanding who the customer actually is at a deeper level can really assist with your strategy.  

In summary, true mass personalisation means “right time, right place, right targeting”. Serving the right message to the right customer (at the correct time, on the best platform) which makes your message resonate that much more.

There are many other ways to improve connections with your customer base. Taking note of personal life events is a great start such as offering a birthday treat or a simple ‘happy birthday’ greeting can make a customer feel appreciated and special. A personal approach can be as simple as replying to a comment left on a social post, acknowledging the customer's presence and rewarding them for their engagement. In the past customer service wasn’t always a brands first priority, with the introduction of social media, offering a 5-star service is now one of the most important elements to any online business. Long gone are the days where brands hold the power, social media has handed the power over to the consumer and they can make or break a brand from one single post or negative comment.

‘Wondering why Lush left social media behind?’ re-read the last paragraph!

The most important part of personal marketing is content. To really reap the rewards of online marketing, you need engaging content. The best place to start is A/B split testing different media to discover what your audience prefers and then developing a strategic content strategy around this. This moves us on to the importance of video!

Studies show consumers spend 2.6 times longer on pages with videos than those without, it is the medium with the highest returns and conversion rates. Yet many brands are yet to truly embrace this medium. Given, video can be expensive but there are ways to make it cost effective, from simple Gifs and short clips, shot straight from mobile. Even rewarding customers for sending in video reviews and other home shot video content is a great cost-effective way to maximise this ever-growing medium.

It’s a FACT Facebook, Instagram, and most leading platforms are heavily moving towards video-led content. You only have to look at Youtube to see the power video content can have and the Vloggers reaping the rewards of this approach.

Using video to support personalisation can be really productive, creating a closer connection to your leads and making them feel valued and important. Speaking directly to the audience can create that personal interaction that feels special.

The answer is smarter content and an effective strategy. Personalization is all about creating that tailored experience to the right customer. In turn driving impulse and repeat purchases.

The benefits of personalisation include improving customer loyalty, by making your customers feel valued, they’re more likely to stick with you than jump ship to a competitor.

When creating videos, you do need to consider user experience. Studies show longer length videos (YouTube) are watched later at night as it’s harder for users to dedicate time through their busy working days to consume lengthy clips. Depending on the channel you are using to push content should determine the length of the videos you create, for Facebook and Instagram keep it short, engaging and informative.

Here at Vast, we understand that getting marketing personalisation right can be tough. Speak to a member of our friendly team to find out how we can help you tap into the benefits of marketing personalisation.

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