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The Importance Of Customer Persona’s

The better you understand your customer the more likely you are to attract them. A marketing customer analysis is a critical part of any marketing strategy. So let’s dive straight into the importance of creating one.

Understanding your audience is one of the most important practices in marketing. The benefits of this include being able to clearly define who a brands best and least valuable customers are and where opportunities may lie. There is also the fact understanding your audience can enable you to tailor your offerings to suit the customer and make personalised communications and marketing more relevant to them. This efficient and effective advertising drives higher response rates and ultimately increases sales and return on investment.

A customer persona is much more in depth than just a customer analysis, it is a representation of your ideal customer based off marketing research and data. A fully detailed profile includes everything from demographic information to; hobbies, fears, dreams, career and family. Basically, the more in depth the better.

Here is HubSpot’s definition of buyer personas;

“A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on marketing research and real data about your existing customers.

When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.

Buyer personas provide tremendous structure and insight for your company. A detailed buyer persona will help you determine where to focus your time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organization. As a result, you will be able to attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business.”

Detail is key, collect as much information as possible! You should never presume that the customer persona is an exact representation of your customer though,being too narrow could actually hinder you. Your customer could be as wide as a female aged 25-35 with an interest in fashion and accessories, your looking for what links these customers and what they all desire, want and need and then offering this to them. If you can find a solution to their problems, the likelihood is they will buy from you, or come to you for advice.

being too narrow could actually hinder you. Buyer personas require time, patience, strategy and an inquisitive mind.  

Elements of a buyer persona

The idea for creating your buyer persona is to create a profile as if they were a real person, so you can create marketing material targeted to them.

Creating a fictional character who represents a specific portion of your customers can be really useful. Below are a few examples of what you might include in your persona, this might include characteristics, needs, and priorities.

The first steps in creating a buyer persona is to collect information such as the following:










Income range

Relationship status



Personality traits


Social circles


Trusted brands

Use of social platforms

After collecting this information we can then build a full profile including giving them a name and an image. Now we have a full overview of who he/she is.

Why create personas?

There are many benefits including creating consistency, having an idea as previously mentioned, of who you are dealing with makes it easier to pitch to new clients. There is also the fact that it supports product development, after all knowing your customers needs means you can adapt your product/service to suit them.

Finally, as you generate leads you’ll start noticing that specific customers fall into certain personas. You’ll be able to analyse each persona, see what works and what needs changing.

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