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Updating A Classic For The Modern Age


Since January, we have been working with a footwear company called Goral. From websites to photography, we have done it all and we would like to talk you through the journey.

The following is a little background history of the Goral brand.

The Goral family has been handcrafting footwear since 1936. This abundance of time undeniably resonates in the pure skill and craftsmanship embedded in the shoe. Goral shoes offer a versatile, minimal style. 

To continue, they alternate between styles for a plethora of occasions. Going somewhere special? A pair of Goral's Mellor's in white, partnered with a pair of navy blue trousers and a white shirt, make the perfect combination for this occasion! Feeling a little more casual? A pair of Gorals Mellor's in the Black/Gum colourway, complimented with a pair of black trousers and a beige t-shirt should be an adequate solution to your problem.

If you're still not convinced, then maybe the craftsmanship behind the shoe will persuade you.

Goral only uses premium materials and highly skilled craftsmen to produce their god-teir shoes. They use luxury, full grain leather in the build of their shoe. Even the laces are made out of high-quality cotton! To view the entire process, click here.

Goral makes it a priority to take care of their British roots. Furthermore, Goral has recently released some of their new shoes from the latest collection. Interestingly, some of the shoes are named after iconic people whose names have been woven into history. For example, The Hadfield was named after and inspired by metallurgist Robert Hadfield. Robert Hadfield is incredibly well-known in regards to playing a huge part in the development of Sheffield's steel industry; Sheffield is also where Goral is based.

So what have we been working on for Goral?

Well, it all started with photography. We spent time taking all the product shots and model shots for Goral which you can find on their website. 

Next up was web design. We were set the task of developing a new website for Goral, which allowed the rest of the work agreed to shift from pending to active. The design aspect of the site went through seven stages before it was finally finished and signed-off.

After the design had been agreed upon by both parties, it went into the build stage. It was hard to not think you were living in the matrix after staring at waves of code for long periods of time. After many hours of work and amendments - to ensure it was perfect and  identical to the design - the site was complete. SEO was implemented straight after this.

With the new website live, we could start rolling out a campaign embedded on Facebook and Instagram. This is still ongoing with tweaks to the ads happen frequently. Such tweaks include audience, imagery, ad-layout and much more.

We also run an email marketing campaign for Goral, we are currently using a data capturing technique that allows us to grow the brand's subscriber list.

Along with all the marketing we have done, Goral has opted to do drip drops. A drip drop is where a company releases a product with a limited amount of stock. This technique allows companies to create hype around their product, and act upon FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

If you would like to gain a professionally developed marketing strategy, but don’t have expertise to do so, simply contact us in the form below! We look forward to hearing from you.

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