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A Guide To WhatsApp For Business

Last year, the smartphone messaging service WhatsApp launched a business version called WhatsApp Business. This feature was highly anticipated ever since Facebook acquired the messaging service back in 2014.

In recent years, WhatsApp has become an extremely popular communication app. There are 1 Billion registered users on WhatsApp, with an average of 320 Million daily active users. 42 Billion texts are sent daily - which is 5.6 times more than the entire population of the world - and 1.6 Billion images are sent daily. This information was provided by Dustn.tv.

So, who is WhatsApp's new service aimed at? Well, it can be used by anyone with a business, but it specifically targets small/medium sized businesses. WhatsApp is definitely an app to utilize due to the accessibility to a hefty amount of people who use it. Additionally, If you're a large business, you might not see massive results compared to small businesses, however, it might be a useful tool to adopt.

Image of a phone displaying the contact information for a business

WhatsApp Business allows you to set up your profile with your contact information for your business. This includes the location, areas of contact  - for example, your phone number along with any other point of contact like an email - and a URL to your website. Just note, if you use your personal mobile number to sign-up with, you won't be able to use your number for a personal WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Business is extremely powerful for direct marketing too!

You could potentially apply an email marketing technique to WhatsApp Business. To expand, instead of sending E-Flyers via email, send them through WhatsApp Business. It has been proven that marketing via WhatsApp business is more effective as it has a higher open rate than email marketing. The industry with the highest open rate is arts and entertainment with a 47% open rate; WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% making it an adequate way of marketing.

Image of a phone featuring an example of customer service with WhatsApp Business

Another way you can take advantage of WhatsApp Business is customer service.

WhatsApp was built on the idea of connecting people and allowing them to constantly communicate. WhatsApp Business has some great features such as automated replies, automated away messages and other relevant features.

You could use WhatsApp Business as a FAQ Bot so you don't need to constantly keep answering extremely common questions. How would this work? As soon as the customer tries to initiate a conversation with you, they will be prompted to send a specific message. Once this message has been sent, the bot will recognise the command and provide the correct solution for the customer. If their query is still not resolved, they will then have the option to message you or a member of your customer service team.

Another great feature is the ability to send automated messages after a trigger event. For example, the trigger event could be when the customer buys an item, you could have a message set up saying "Thank you for purchasing a product from us! We appreciate your custom".

Furthermore, implemented within WhatsApp Business is some basic analytic tools - these are similar to the analytic tools used in programs such as MailChimp. The analytic tools allow you to see how many messages have been sent, delivered, read and received. This is pretty handy if you are running an automated messaging service within WhatsApp Business.

Technology is constantly changing, sometimes, it can be tricky moving with the times. If you are struggling with marketing your products or service, please contact us via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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