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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been around for a while - since 2016 to be specific. At first, they were heavily criticised for "copying" Snapchat's story feature, however, now you could arguably say that Instagram stories are favoured over Snapchat Stories.

So if you're new to Instagram Stories, here is a quick introduction into what they are: Instagram stories are short videos or photos displayed in a 1080px by 1920px format - different to your usual Instagram format. Instagram stories are a different way of sharing content within the app. After 24hrs, the stories delete automatically. If you wish to display your archived Instagram stories on your Instagram profile, then you can use the Instagram highlight feature.

It's important to note that Instagram Stories are predominately visually based so it's essential that you provide creative content that is aesthetically pleasing for your followers... or potential followers.

Instagram Stories have amazing potential, especially for businesses! The following is some ideas on how you can switch the game up and make a name for yourself! Let's dive into how you can own Instagram Stories from a business POV.

- Behind The Scenes: Instagram Stories allows your content to be more raw and interactive with your audience compared to your regular feed content. In addition, this renders Instagram Stories the best place to post behind the scenes content. Behind the scenes content is awesome, it allows you to show your audience what it's like to work at your company, the process of your company and other insights. The majority of people seem to like behind the scenes content.

- Services/Product Demos: Due to how fast-paced Instagram Stories are (15 seconds to be exact) you would need to go over the features quickly. However, this sort of content can feed the viewers into your business due to the urge of getting an in-depth look into the product/service.

- Polls: If you want to get your audience more engaged with your brand then offer the ability to have an input within the company! Instagram stories offer a vast amount of cool little features, questionnaires and polls being one of them. Stuck between two colours for your next product? Create a poll and ask your followers. Struggling to think of some ideas? Ask your followers what they would like to see from your company.

- Advertisements: As well as running advertisements via your main feed you can have Instagram Story advertisements too. These are very engaging due to the personal feel and the amount of creativity that can be put into them.

- CTA's: Call To Actions are great for driving traffic to your page and gaining potential customers - which will hopefully convert. Instagram Stories has integrated features within it such as the ability to direct your audience directly to the place where you want them to go with the swipe up option (the only downfall to this is that you need 10k followers or above - we know... it's annoying). However, it’s arguably a motivating incentive to grow your Instagram and gain more followers!

Instagram Stories are also an effective way of beating the algorithm and gaining more followers. Instagram allows you to add hashtags and geo-tagging to your stories, which then get published onto a hashtag or geo-location story you've targetted. One of the members on our team managed to reach 600+ new viewers on their story with one hashtag!

Hashtags and Instagram Stories are a great mixture, it's another way to infiltrate your niche alongside your main feed content. The best part about it, there isn't really any hierarchical structure to the Instagram Stories feed it's purely based on the time when it's posted and when it gets published to the specific hashtag's story. On the other hand with main feed content, when you use a hashtag it is put into a hierarchy structure, your post will be ranked on based on the engagement it receives such as likes, comments, saves etc.

Pssst. Here's a little secret, if you make the hashtag colour the same colour as your background - by using the colour picker tool - then you can successfully hide the hashtag so it won't ruin the aesthetics of your post. Thank us later.

Geo-tagging works exactly the same as hashtags with Instagram stories.

If you aren't a professional in design, you don't have to worry! Here are some apps that can help you up your Instagram Stories game!

Hyperlapse is an app by Instagram that allows you to shoot time-lapse videos, it also stabilises the video after its shot so it's more stable and you can change the speed up to 12x.

Hype Type is another great app that allows you to emphasise a call to action. It allows you to put a text overlay on an image or video that is presented nicely with an animation. When used correctly it can be quite useful to really make your CTA POP!

Unfold allows you to present your media in a more structured and artistic way. Again, when used correctly it can be super effective! Ensure you don't have too much happening in the story because it can confuse the viewer, in addition, it doesn't really convey your point across as well. A minimalistic approach is much better in some cases.

In summary, if you get some creative content that engages the viewer with a clear CTA, with the use of hashtags, story boosting and other marketing strategies without a doubt, you will crush your Instagram Stories!

Don't feel confident in making the plan work for your business? Get in touch below to find out how we can help you unlock the full potential of your business!

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