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How to get the most out of Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with an estimated 1 billion users.
A strong strategy is crucial to get the most out of the platform.
We are sharing with you some tips to point you in the right direction.

Know your hashtags

Almost 70% of Instagram posts go unseen. Hashtags are important for maximum visibility. Remember that quality is more valuable than quantity. Research your niche, what are other top performing users using on their most popular posts?

Don’t copy and paste the same hashtags in each post! Switch them up, this allows you to reach a new audience on each post.

Following hashtags is important, you can review the performance of these hashtags, as well as look into top posts and see what hashtags are being used.

Researching and testing out different hashtags is important to see what works.
It’s important to remember that the life of a hashtag varies; what may be trending one day may drop the next.


Battling the Bots

Influencer fraud, a growing concern for brands alike. Buying followers, likes and views to artificially boost their profiles in a bid to attract lucrative endorsement deals from brands looking to reach their supposed audiences. These fakes are costing companies. So how can we tackle the problem?


Proportional Engagement

Look at followers Vs engagement, does the influencer have a large following but only very little engagement? If they have 50,000 followers but most posts receive less than 100 likes, that's a red flag.


Follower Authenticity

How authentic are the followers, is there a lot of ‘ghost followers?’ in other words are there lots of fake inactive accounts.


Quality Engagement

Comments should be rich and diverse. Watch out for spammers, are comments relevant to the post?


Follower Growth

Big spikes in followers indicates an unnatural growth perhaps suggesting the influencer has purchased followers.


Google results

Reviewing the number of hits an influencer name receives when inputting their name into google can indicate the authenticity of the person in question.


Story Vs feed

The post in your story should be a little different to your feed. Your story captures small moments, they don’t need to be perfect. Give followers a glimpse into your world and stay true to you brand’s personality and style.

Posts within your feed should reflect brand image, these should be more planned. Aesthetically your posts should flow.

Planning and scheduling posts and captions ahead of time keeps consistency throughout the feed.


Layout and imagery

There are no rules, be creative. The most successful accounts tend to have a clear colour scheme, once you pick this be consistent with it. Play around with content, this must be targeted at your niche so researching your target audience is key.

Plan your grid, this allows you to see the layout before it is posted to check it flows.


Scheduling posts

Posting on instagram at the right time is just as important as the quality of your content. Many studies show the best times and days to post, but this isn’t necessarily the same for every brand. The best way to figure this out is to experiment by testing out different posting schedules to see what works best for your brand and followers.

Scheduling Software can be useful when pre planning the social calendar for your brand. Post scheduling also helps you gather baseline information about the performance of your posts. If, for example, you post something every Monday at 1 pm, you can compare metrics like likes and comments to determine what types of posts perform better than others.
A top tip is to try not schedule too far in advance as trends and moods change quickly.



Analytics can be useful when trying to gather information about demographics such as the type of audience interacting with your account. This can broken down into different variations including gender, age, location, behaviour etc. From this information we can gain a better understanding of who our target audience is and how to appeal to them more efficiently.



The Instagram algorithm measures how quickly your post attracts engagement, and evaluates the relationship between your account and your audience’s accounts. Engagement on prior posts, direct shares, and even Instagram Stories can also affect where your post shows up in a feed.

Although nobody quite knows 100% how this works, we can gain an understanding through extensive research and testing out different strategies on the platform.


Here’s what we know:

Your instagram feed is personalised to you, according to TechCrunch “Instagram relies on machine learning based on your past behavior to create a unique feed for everyone. Even if you follow the exact same accounts as someone else, you’ll get a personalized feed based on how you interact with those accounts.”

When you first post a picture, it’s shown to a small percentage of your audience. Instagram will measure how quickly that photo is engaged with, commented on, and liked. If your photo is attracting a lot of engagement, Instagram will show it to a higher percentage of your audience, and even show it on the explore page. If it continues to attract a lot of engagement, your photo will stay at the top of your audience’s news feeds and reach more people. If it doesn’t attract a lot of engagement initially, it will get pushed further down the page and less of your audience will see.

This is why content is crucial. Consistent and exciting content captures the attention of the audience and gain the exposure you need.


Here at Vast we have the skills and expertise to manage your social platforms and take your brands to new heights. Get in touch to find out more.

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