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Is Online The Way Forward For Brands?

The highstreet is struggling; now is the time to strengthen your online presence.

The UK’s high streets suffered 5,855 store closures in 2017, more than in any year since 2010, as fashion retailers, shoe shops, travel agents and estate agents have been driven out by the rise of internet shopping.

Ecommerce is taking over the way we shop, you only need to read the news to see the decline in physical retail stores and with many stores downsizing it remains to be seen where the future lies for the retail industry.

Marks and Spencer are the latest to set the wheels in motion with plans to close 100 stores by 2022. Sacha Berendji, the Marks & Spencer retail, operations and property director, said the company was trying to make its store estate “more relevant” and better able to support the growth of its website.

Earlier this year highstreet store New Look made plans to close 60 stores. They are seeking to re brand at a smaller level with a focus on strengthening their online presence. They continue to develop the range and functionality of their online presence; 95% of their store ranges are now available online, the website now services 24 countries worldwide and they have plans to introduce a more personalised and interactive website over the coming year.

So the question remains, is online the way forward for brands? Consumer behaviour shows that shoppers are making fewer trips to bricks and mortar stores and looking for deals on the Internet instead.

That being said, there is still a demand for consumers wanting the personal interaction and hands-on experience that in-store brands offer, but with brands such as Asos now paving the way with there ‘try on before you buy’ strategy the possibilities are endless.

With more focus online, the question has to be asked; “How are you standing out amongst the competition?” The industry is incredibly saturated. As such the struggle remains for up and coming brands to be noticed and heard. This leads us to the realisation that brand image and marketing strategy is more crucial than ever.

Now is the time for brands to assess their position in the market and look at ways to strengthen their presence online. Capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention is at the forefront.

Below are some pointers of what we believe makes a great brand. At Vast we work hard to align brands where they need to be in the market:

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