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Heritage Branding: Why we can’t help but love it

What brand springs to mind when we say ‘heritage brand’?

There are many to choose from, it’s normally brands who really make you feel something...nostalgia, warmth. They might not even have the years behind them to qualify for the title of ‘heritage brand’ but through the art of storytelling brands can create any image they see fit.

What is ‘Heritage Branding’?
There’s a fine balance between ‘heritage brands’ and the marketing act of ‘heritage branding’.

  • ‘Heritage brands’ have been around for decades, they’ve gained customer loyalty and have proven time and time again that they’re amazing at what they do. They’re innovative, adaptable.
  • ‘Heritage branding?’ It’s the story many brands formulate in order to give their brand substance and charm. It’s like when someone from generation Z wears their grandparents clothing and calls it “vintage-chic”. It’s not about the history, it’s about telling a story...add further value. Any brand with a good story and purpose can do it.

Every brand has a history, a story of how they came to be. Heritage branding creates that emotional connection with the customer, creates trust, loyalty and dialogue that brands need. It’ll develop that long-term, sustainable competitive advantage that’ll ensures you stand out from the rest. It’s effective and it works, if done properly...

How to Market Heritage Branding:
We had the opportunity to work with a luxury shoe brand established in 1998. We already understood the customer brand relationship having worked in the design industry for over 25 years. We applied our knowledge of SEO, design and content writing to develop emotive, optimised stories which engaged the brand’s customer audience using ‘heritage branding’ techniques. We’ll use them as an example...

Find the Angle of ‘Heritage’ that Fits Your Brand
The concept of ‘heritage’ is a multifaceted one which can be approached by all angles. Understand what you want to base your story around: is it values, nostalgia, provenance, history, expertise?
What we focused on: values, expertise and nostalgia.
-Value of making shoes for the modern man with class
-Expertise in craftsmanship
-Nostalgia - time before factories churned out low quality shoes, a time where handcrafted shoes made of Italian leather were valued as an art form

You can be authentic regardless of age, the history might not be as compelling, but steer away from fictionalising your past. Any stories that aren’t quite true will inevitably come back to bite you.
What we focused on: They don’t pretend to be anything they’re not, they stand by their authenticity and show their shoe-making process, highlighting their desire to cater for the modern man with timeless taste.

The Nostalgia Factor
Notice how brands are churning out this approach, incorporating childhood, cartoon favourites into bank adverts and regurgitating ‘the original’ adverts from the past. Nostalgia is familiarity, it’s trust, therefore it’s important to create something emotive for customer’s to latch onto.

Heritage through Tradition and Craftsmanship
Many audiences engage in the ‘behind the scenes’ approach, they like to see the passion and skill that goes into making a product.

What we focus on: Primarily showing the shoemaking process, using shots of the factory, each shot featured the shoemaker using his or her hands with old, oily tools, and machines - it shows how they work.

The real key to heritage branding is share your story. That’s right tell everyone, scream it from the rooftops if you wish, just make sure you tell everyone! We’ve seen it far too many times before brands who have history behind them and haven’t utilised it, leaving them looking like a tired brand rather than full of character, charm and heritage - we helped find the story for many brands from 10 to a 100 years old. We draw upon 25 years of experience working with local and global heritage brands in order to offer strategies and content to backup this style of branding.

If you are ready to capitalise on your own brands heritage, don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling in the form below.

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