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29th August 2018 - No Comments!

Heritage Branding: Why we can’t help but love it

What brand springs to mind when we say ‘heritage brand’?

There are many to choose from, it’s normally brands who really make you feel something...nostalgia, warmth. They might not even have the years behind them to qualify for the title of ‘heritage brand’ but through the art of storytelling brands can create any image they see fit.

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7th August 2018 - No Comments!

Is E-commerce Changing the Fashion Industry?

Do you remember a time before e-commerce? Begrudgingly flicking through the 1000 page Argos catalogue, folding down corners of pages with the products we liked, occasionally getting a paper cut. A heavy-weight lifted, literally, thanks to e-commerce and the birth of the .com era. But it hasn’t just gotten rid of the catalogue, it’s also shaped the way in which customers shop.

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