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SEO: The Basics

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is like gold dust to the e-commerce industry. SEO is the process of optimising your website with the goal of having it rank no.1 on Google. Whilst there are other ways to gain visibility within Google search (for instance PPC also known as Google Adwords), the conversion and ROI value of SEO is unrivalled.

As a design agency we naturally pride ourselves in visual stimulation and understand its importance, however, another integral key to marketing is SEO. It is often overlooked either 1) due to a lack of understanding, or 2) the notion that more important elements should override it. Yes you have that beautiful site, structured to a T, but you need to get your impressive visuals seen through even more impressive SEO.

Aesthetic is important to any brand, we’ve established this a few times, but it can only take us so far. It’s about getting noticed and seen amongst chaotic noise. When writing content, we suggest you look to incorporate an SEO strategy.

So, how do we do that?

Special Content
Good content is hard to come by, retailers within the e-commerce sector are failing to create engaging, lucrative content that entices. Investing in a copywriter to write dynamic content for each product listing is hugely beneficial and many modern copywriters can incorporate SEO into their content.

If that’s not in your budget, then be clear, precise and most importantly unique when you’re writing your own descriptions and features. The results for both Google and the consumer will be a positive one.

An Example:
Men’s fashion brand, Ben Sherman - we used important keywords and product descriptions to make sure that their products appeared higher in Google.

Keyword research and analysis is important in building your SEO, think of it like a house foundation, the exterior is the website in all its grandeur, deep within the house are nails and screws, our keywords (if you will). It’s a very time consuming process, and requires a customer analysis.

Vast Tip:
Do some competitor analysis, how are they doing it? What shows up when you type in specific words in Google’s search engine? Look at the software available to help you such as Google adwords and specialist SEO platforms such as Ahrefs.

The three core approaches within any SEO keyword strategy stem from the following keywords structure:

Short tail keywords - (i.e shoes, tie, black shoes, black tie, summer style, winter style) normally those in the early buying/conversion cycle.

Long tail keywords - (i.e Black tuxedo dress shoes size 10) a consumer in the later stages of the buying/conversion cycle who’s ready to spend.

Local keywords - (i.e Leeds, London, UK) local consumers tend to be loyal consumers and these keywords tend to be easier to rank for.

Copy and Paste
Avoid this at all costs...taking shortcuts can hurt your business and Google doesn’t suffer fools gladly. It penalises duplicated content, meaning your rankings will suffer.

How does it Work?
Spider bots, they crawl throughout the website and gather information, if content is duplicated then those bots become confused. They gather a plethora of information and store it, this is called ‘indexing’, if the content is relevant then the ranking will be higher, meaning you’ll be seen. So, don’t copy product descriptions, it’s bad marketing. You’ll find yourself in the abyss of Google pages. Increase your organic rankings through carefully tailoring each bit of content you put out there.

Link Building
Building links within your site is an excellent way to increase your ranking. Everything is interconnected, make sure it’s interconnected within your site, keep traffic up and bounce rate low.

Example: Whilst we’re discussing SEO, you might be thinking “but what are the marketing basics?” (you see?). Link building builds up your websites relevance and meets Google’s objective - to provide the best results. This leads us onto the two approaches:

‘White-Hat Link Building’ -
White-Hat content is here for years to come, it’s SEO with less risk, it’s an organic and safer approach to increasing your ranking on Google due to it’s:

  • Engagement
  • Insightful and quality full content
  • Boosting and promoting to potentially interested audiences
  • Enabling abilities to network with similar, like minded companies and individuals and gaining quality website traffic which is likely to convert

‘Black-Hat Link Building’ -
In a distant time the best way to build up your site was through ‘Black Hat Building’ - it was a quick financial return with no long term success, zero brand respect and a firm ban from search engines. Black Hat link building in a nutshell is spam and we all know how much we hate that and so does Google. Our best advice is to stay well clear of this strategy.

It’s a task of keeping up with current trends and market analysis, we as consumers constantly shift and evolve the way we shop. It’s a patient game, with SEO you must be in it for the long haul, it’s an extremely beneficial process and shouldn’t be looked over.

We’ve offered you a dash of insight into SEO. We can take this further for you with over 25 years of marketing knowledge. If you’re wanting to get in touch fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.






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