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How to define your Brand Purpose and is it important?

Establishing a connection with your audience isn’t easy. There’s so much brand noise that we find it attractive when brands with true purpose become a beacon of light amongst a mass of dud. 

As Tripp Donnelly  states - “Traditional brands can no longer sit on their hands and allow well-scripted corporate statements to shape who they are”.

Why brand purpose is good?

It’s obvious, purpose is good for your brand, you merely need to look towards the plethora of brand giants. Take Nike, Nike has positioned itself within its purpose, it shapes the lifestyle of the consumer, truly believing that their brand can inspire performances.

Brand purpose gives you more than a good marketing strategy…

Attitude - having purpose encourages attitude, attitude trickles into the workplace which then creates shared beliefs and an end goal that everyone is inspired to work towards. People will get creative and interested.

Continuity - Your product or your service might be tweaked and evolve, but your purpose will always remain the same, the purpose is the goal, the product or service you provide is just a means in which to achieve it. There’s no chance of these changes going off course when you’ve got a purpose.

Culture - brands that have a set of values have their very own culture. Nike culture (not it’s work culture) is based around success and status, this voice is a beacon for those within that culture, who want aspire to be more.

Brand Loyalty - Purpose creates brand advocates, your brand will share purpose with customers, therefore creating loyalty through common ground.

How to create Brand Purpose

We know it’s good, but how can you create something authentic and inspiring to potential customers?  

Let’s go down the good samaritan route.

You sell bricks.

Not the sexiest product to sell and at first glance, it might not look like it could have purpose.

Adjust the outcome of the brick, what can be created with the brick?

Bricks make buildings which could build a community center, which would create jobs, which would encourage children to go and learn life skills, which then they can incorporate into everyday life, which could improve education levels. Bricks are now more than a heavy lump of clay you’re trying to sell.

It’s the bigger picture.

Be Real - Who are you as a company? Why do you exist? Create trust and develop who you really are. Fashion brand? Don’t market yourself as a “manufacturer of the hottest trends” - boring, everyone is. Was there a gap in the market for your brand?

That ‘why’ will allow your brand to grow and evolve effectively.

The bigger picture - Do you think your product or service can give something to your world? Looking at what your business is, and knowing what is special.

  • Why are you to be trusted in providing the solution?

Don’t tick boxes

Aforementioned, authenticity is key. Brands are ticking boxes of values and missions that so many other brands are doing. It’s more of a to-do list, rather than an authentic mission to creating a brand with value.

What we’ve done:

The country attire brand had lost its purpose, what was their reasoning for manufacturing jackets and why? There was a passion for the outdoors and shooting, and it all boiled down to their wax jackets and shooting jackets:

  • We created trust that the jackets they made were from a background of country lifestyle and passion for shooting
  • That they could improve the sport of shooting
  • That they are the best option for outdoor attire due to the jackets sustainability, durability and flexibility
  • ‘Made in England’ tagline carries heritage and authenticity and encourages consumers to become a part of that lifestyle
  • That any new products introduced followed the purpose of making sustainable, british fashion for the outdoors and shooting.

Brand Purpose is good, but it’s not everything

Sometimes brand purpose isn’t good enough and you get caught out. It’s like Donald Trump stating that he is an advocate of women’s rights, it just doesn’t seem plausible, nor does it make sense with his current track record. You need the evidence, you need it to be legit. Brands are continually been called out. Take the wonderful efforts of Pepsi.

Brand purpose isn’t the be all and end all of marketing, and it certainly isn’t the only player that’s going to increase your marketing strategy overnight. (Don’t worry, we cover that here). You can’t carry your marketing on just brand purpose, the idea will burn out if it doesn’t have a strong strategy as its foundation.

Brand purpose is great, but it’s not going to get you very far on its own.




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