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Why your marketing isn’t working for you.

Have you assessed your business lately?

Can you confidently say that your brand presence is strong both online and offline?

Can you safely say you have a brand strategy that is consistent?

That you have a strong marketing plan that is coherent with your strategic vision and main objectives?

That you have a purpose which is effortlessly articulated throughout your social media platforms?

Have you seen a harmonious link between content and ROI?  (How are your ROIs?)

Has creating brand awareness been a breeze, and you’ve reached god like status within marketing your business?

Be honest. Ask yourself these questions, it’s important to look at your online presence and pinpoint areas which could be improved, it’s a  confusing process, fumbling with data and finding patterns. Your online presence should be strong, full stop. We’re in the digital age and competition has seen brand giants fall to their knees through their half-arsed presence online and has seen certain brands take over the online sphere, i.e ASOS and Amazon.

What’s your online presence saying right now? If you’re not sure then you’re in need of a self assessment. There are loads of free tools out there that can aid you in this (research).


How We Do That:

Look at the Industry statistics across the main social media platforms. Let’s take fashion, an industry we’ve worked in for over a decade now.

Research has found that the avg are as followed:
Facebook: 0.10%
Instagram: 0.92%
Twitter: 0.035%


It’s a simple, basic formula to return to over a bi-weekly or monthly to see if your numbers are matching industry standards. All the numbers show us are that we aren’t doing right by our online strategy. There are so many reasons as to why you aren’t upping you ROI and online engagement. It’s a commonly asked questions, why isn’t your brand engaging with the community?


6 Reasons for why you aren’t engaging with the online sphere:

#1 Brand Purpose
Story, story, story. Does your brand have a purpose? The purpose of the brand is beyond the money, beyond the data and statistics. If you’re selling a house, the purpose of you selling it is, yes to make profit, but to ensure that the home you’re selling is going to be the foundations of beautiful memories and family adventures...something like that but less cheesy.
If you have a purpose then it’s easier to articulate this into your marketing strategy. It’s the why, the what and the how.

#2 Content
Is the content you’re putting out there relevant to your audience? You want to be posting engaging content and you do this though knowing your audience,  if you’ve done your research you should know what it is that your audience is looking for.  If content has been successful in the past what was it that made it successful. Note that you should create as much content as possible but not all content is good content.
Some things to remember:
Post regularly, engage in conversation, it’s quality over quantity.

#3 Social Media
If one platform isn’t working for you then expand. Twitter not working? Try Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing? Don’t be afraid to step into unchartered territory, have a look to see what the competition are up and then produce an excellent strategy based around your research.

 #4 Brand Image
Your brand should be aspirational. Look towards Instagram clients and review their feed. It’s pretty, right? Create the impression you want your brand to make, it’s simple. Have a look here. We took a 120 year old footwear brand and turned it modern whilst holding onto the vintage aesthetics suggesting a notion of rich heritage.   

 #5 SEO
Search engine optimisation, it’s feared, mainly by those who don’t understand it. Long story short, it’s getting you to page 1 on Google Search. Analyse your business then analyse your competitors. What words are they using? Create a list of targeted keywords which you should be using in all of your content.
If you’re writing about men’s summer fashion...try incorporate ‘Holiday’ and ‘Essentials’.
It boils down to how customers find their products ‘holiday clothes’, ‘what should i pack?” etc.

 #6 Photography
Great photographs for your own brand are a sure fire way to show it at its best. Rushed images are a no go, presentation and aesthetics can leave your brand looking confused and tired. With a good photograph you can captivate your audience, portray your message, generate trust and amplify the brand's identity and status.

Unfortunately we don’t have magic beans that can grow it overnight. What we do have is the research and over 20 years of digital marketing experience.

In a digital marketing rut? Get in touch to receive a free Audit. We’ll provide you with important findings about your brand that can then revitalise it.



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