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Facebook Ads are down, so what?

Facebook targeted ADS went down the other day, with all the confusion around it, of course we stressed and panicked a little, after spending copious amounts of time researching and perfecting target audiences for it all to suddenly disappear. Why could we no longer target relevant audiences? It turns out that Facebook had a little issue, classic. Naturally, within minutes we began preparing for a new reality of a life without facebook ads. How could we reach new audiences without the aid of it?

Now this is a no-brainer for SEO experts and Marketing marvels, but for the little guy receiving this:

It’s nothing short of a nightmare.

So here’s a breakdown of different approaches to targeting audiences without the aid of Facebook Ads:

Create Campaigns
An obvious one. The benefits of a campaign are endless, they’re long running which means they’ll be shared, liked and circulated. It’s the snowball effect in digital form.

Campaigns are planned and focused meaning you have a beginning and end which means there’s no chance of being sidetracked with there being a solid end goal. Our largest ROIs have come from well thought out campaigns.

Note: Work backwards from your end goal meaning you have strong blueprint from start to finish.

Custom Audience
Custom audience is the longer version of targeted ads. They’re really helpful at achieving marketing goals set in place.

Custom audiences are made up of pre-existing audiences within your Facebook following:

  • People who have engaged with your content across across Facebook
  • People who’ve watched your videos
  • Followed you on Instagram
  • People who have liked something
  • Generally interacted with you even once

Through using this method you can effectively re-connect and collect leads to those who’ve presented a little interest in the content which you have to offer. Eventually you’ll be able to boil down your audience to a more relevant one.

Facebook Ad’s going down today should be seen as a reminder not to keep all of your marketing eggs in one basket. If Facebook is your main source of advertising then we suggest branching out onto other platforms, as well as looking into a marketing strategy that’s flexible yet focused.


We can help you spread your marketing wings, and introduce you and your business to a wealth of knowledge that will increase awareness and engagement without having to rely on just the one social media platform.





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